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Firstly RELAX, you are not alone. At some point in their lives a vast majority of men have had similar feelings, and the desire to do something about it. Unfortunately this desire means that many men like you and I are targeted by unscrupulous 'penis enlargement' companies, becoming the victims of what can only be described as total scams.

Unlike years gone by, penis enlargement products are now easy to find, they are advertised online, in men's magazines and even on TV shopping channels, all claiming to be able to increase the size of your penis in both length and girth. Unfortunately many of these products are ineffective and provide no real benefit to you - the customer, being designed purely as money makers for the companies behind them.

However there are genuine penis enlargement companies - and if you are careful you can easily separate the effective solutions from the scams, and purchase a product that does work.

Below we have split the products into the three major categories avialable that do actually work.

The Best Penis Enlargement Techniques Proven to Give Results
Complete Penis Enlargement Systems


Penis Enlargement Systems are by far our most recommended option for achieving the best results. These combined approaches include 2 or more products, and give faster and bigger gains than you can achieve with any single product alone.

If you are serious about your enlargement journey then without doubt a penis enlargement system is the most comprehensive choice you can go for and will give you the most impressive results.

Learn more about the Best Penis Enlargement Systems
Penis Devices


Penis Enlargement Devices, also known as Penis Stretchers & Penis Extenders, were originally developed as a post-surgical medical device to aid recover following phalloplasty (Penis Enlargement Surgery).

They work based on the principal of traction - proving a slow, constant stretch along the shaft of the penis, causing new cells to grow and enlarging your penis in both length and girth.

They are clinically proven in effectiveness and 100% safe - which is why we recommend them as our number 1 individual penis enlargement method.

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Penis Pills


Penis Enlargement Pills are natural, herbal pills that promote increased blood flow to the penile chambers facilitating new tissue growth. Their popularity and ease of production has meant pills are one of the biggest markets targeted by scamsters looking to make a quick buck.

Our pills section compares the most reputable penis pills and their expected results. Whilst other pill makers give more outrageous claims of effectiveness, we urge you to be very cautious before buying anything other than our recommended products. These are the only pills and suppliers that we know to be safe, effective and trustworthy based on vast real user feedback.

Discover the Best Penis Enlargement Pills available


Our Top Tips for Avoiding the Scams!

Before we tell you exactly how to enlarge your penis we want to make sure you're armed with the knowledge that can save you from falling for a scam and purchasing a 'dodgy' product. These are our top tips that help to weed out the fraudsters from the genuine companies, ensuring you see good results and get value for your money.

  1. Avoid companies that use illegal marketing methods, e.g. Unsolicited Emails
  2. The website should have a highly visible customer support telephone number
  3. The website should provide a physical address for the company
  4. If the claims the website makes seem too good to be true - then they probably are! Avoid 'miracle' products making claims like adding 4 inches in a matter of weeks.

For more advice see our full guide on How to Avoid the Scams

Ineffective & Potentially Dangerous Methods to Avoid

As well as knowing the signs to watch our for when detecting a scam product or company, there are certain methods of penis enlargement that should be avoided at all costs. The methods below should not be considered as they are either completely ineffective or potenital harmful to your health and well-being.

  1. Penis Weigth Hanging Systems
  2. Penis / Vacuum Pumps
  3. Penis Enlargement Surgery

For more advice see our full guide on Penis Enlargement Methods to Avoid

How to find a solution that really will enlarge your penis

So now you're armed with the knowledge to avoid scams, we know the question you're desperate to answer is -"how to find a product that really will enlarge the size of your penis". The first thing to remember is not to rush into anything, take your time to review the available options and make an informed decision as to which is best suited for your needs.

To help you do this, we have put together reviews of the very best products available. Our ratings are based on our own research and experience, and from the on-going feedback we reciveve through this site, from people just like you. We only review the best penis enlargement products, from reputable companies who meet our strict checklist for inclusion. This means, as a minimum, they must:

  1. Have at least 3 years history in the market - we don't recommend any 'fly-by-night' products or companies.
  2. Provide aftersales support and care, on the telepone as well as email.
  3. Have medical backing for each product they sell.
  4. Make genuine claims that are not over exagerated or stated.

Who We Are and Why Are We Here?

This site was started when our founder, much like you today, started with one simple desire - to increase the size of his penis. After wasting many hours, and thousands of dollars, he finally found the products and companies that enabled him to achieve his dream and become the man he wanted to be.

Despite achiving his goal, he was unhappy and angry that companies were preying on men's insecurities simply to make a quick buck. In his own words:

"I was lucky, I had the luxury of being able to afford to keep going until I found the products that worked, for others that may not be the case. It saddens me to think that some men may never achieve a bigger penis simply because they have wasted their only spare money on an ineffective scam - its just not on. "

And so we were born, he put his funds and experience into the creation of this site, determined to provide a genuine customer portal providing the best available informaiton and advice on penis enlarement, and saving others the time, money and heart-ache that, as he experienced, comes from purchasing a scam.

We Need Your Help to Keep Our Vision Alive:

We believe that we are currently achieving our founders vision, but we need your help if we are to keep it alive. As an independent customer portal we survive on feedback and comments about the experiences of real people just like you.

If you have used, or use, any of the products we recommend, then we would love to hear from you with your comments and opinions about your experiences.


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